Closing conditions / Closing

Closing conditions

Further negotiations relating to closure must be prepared. In relation to an asset deal this includes

  • financial closing: payment
  • real estate: registration with Land Register
  • moveable property: transfer of possession or keys
  • claims and assets
    • receivables: sale / assignment
    • securities: transfer, if nominal with endorsement.
    • other claims: sale / assignment
    • intangible assets
      • patents: application for registration
      • manufacturing secrets: provision of confidential documents – info
      • know-how: provision of confidential documents – info
      • copyright: assignment
      • designs: application for registration
      • trade marks: application for registration
      • domain names: application for registration
  • any cash: transfer
  • leases: assignment agreement
  • contracts of employment: assignment agreement
  • leasing contracts: assignment agreement
  • licences: assignment agreement
  • insurance: insurance application/cover note
  • maintenance contracts: assignment agreement
  • permits and concessions: request/order
  • etc.


Reciprocal performance (= execution), see closing conditions.

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